Friday, June 14, 2024

Pacific City, Ore. – A shocking video has surfaced showing a chicken allegedly being intentionally burned alive at the property of an Oregon coast horseback riding company that has been the site of ongoing allegations of horse neglect.

The video allegedly was taken by the suspect, identified by numerous sources who listened to the voice behind the video as a minor and teen grandson of Teresa Stuebgen, who along with her now ex-husband Daniel Stuebgen, owns Green Acres Beach & Trail Rides.

Stuebgen is one of the owners primarily alleged to have been neglecting horses owned by her company, a story covered by NW Horse Report just yesterday. The company has also been embroiled in issues with numerous State agencies and local citizens related to licensing issues, illegal labor practices, and issues related to its use of the beach.

A picture taken by Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue of one of the horses initially part of a voluntary surrender by Teresa Stuebgen & Green Acres on Friday April 14th – (Photo Credited Mary Renouf)

Sources also alleged the minor teen has been living on the property in the custody of his grandmother, Stuebgen. The allegations included that the minor was frequently provided alcohol and marijuana products– including edibles. It was also said the minor had not been in school over this last week.

Earlier last Friday, the same day that rescue officials went to the location where Teresa Stuebgen voluntarily surrendered two horses and a turkey, deputies from the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) were allegedly at the location investigating a complaint stemming from the video that had started to circulate.

The revelations are already adding to the growing public outrage surrounding business. Multiple sources reported that the video was being discussed and shared among students at Nestucca High School in Cloverdale, Oregon, eventually catching the attention of school officials, and ultimately law enforcement.

The video starts showing the chicken already on fire and swimming in what appeared to be a small pool of water. As time progressed the chicken became more engulfed in flames, eventually exiting the water and moving a short distance before stopping– apparently succumbing to the burning.

You can hear the teen recording the video say, “Bro, look at this [expletive] swimming around while on fire.” while then proceeding to laugh.

As the chicken started trying to exit the water, you can hear the teen, “Oh no, oh no,” and then the chicken lets out a quick scream and begins flapping frantically as it exits the pool of water, followed by more laughing by the teen.

NW Horse Report will not be naming the minor and generally does not name alleged minor suspects, except in specific circumstances, in accordance with our journalistic standards.

A blurred photo taken by NW Horse Report from the graphic video allegedly showed a chicken being burned alive by a minor teen who was allegedly living with his grandmother who owned Green Acres Beach & Trail RideS. The case is currently being investigated by the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office.

After learning of these developments, NW Horse Report made follow-up inquiries with TCSO. An official spokesperson for the sheriff eventually responded days after the initial requests seeking comment on the earlier allegations surrounding horse neglect but declined to provide any information related to the abuse of a chicken.

“In regards to your question regarding alleged abuse to a chicken, we are unable to comment on that per ORS 419B.035” said Paul Fournier, the Public Information Officer for TCSO.

Numerous people familiar with Green Acres and Stuebgen had also been alleging that TCSO deputies, despite knowing Stuebgen had an active warrant, failed to execute the warrant as commanded by a judge’s order originally issued back in March.

The warrant was on unrelated charges stemming from a 2021 charge for DUII. That included their failure to arrest Stuebgen during a contact allegedly made on April 14th when investigating the abuse of the chicken.

While it was several days after the initial request for comment, including on the allegations deputies knowingly ignored the warrant for Stuebgen’s arrest, Fournier confirmed that Stuebgen was taken into custody earlier yesterday, while citing Oregon records laws as to why he could not disclose if deputies knowingly ignored the judge’s command ordering Stuebgen’s arrest.

A snippet of the conditional release agreement for Teresa Stuebgen following her arrest and booking into the Tillamook County jail on repeated issues of a violation of a diversion agreement and

“In regards to the question of whether a person was or was not arrested when an arrest warrant existed, we are unable to answer that query per ORS 419B.035.  However, Teresa Stuebgen was arrested today [April 19th] on a misdemeanor warrant for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants and was transported, booked and lodged at the Tillamook County Jail.”

The warrant issued by the court specifically to Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office stated “YOU ARE COMMANDED to arrest Teresa Jo Stuebgen, and bring her before this court. If this Court is closed, deliver her into the custody of the Jailor of TILLAMOOK County, Oregon.”

According to jail records and court records, Stuebgen remained in jail overnight but was arraigned on new charges/allegations and then granted conditional release by the court Thursday afternoon– the day following her arrest.

Additional allegations were also swirling that this was not the first time the minor teen had been abusing animals, including one particular incident allegedly caught on video that had previously been circulated among other kids at the child’s school instructing people to delete and not share the video.

It was unclear if the minor teen had been taken into juvenile custody, or if he may have been placed into the custody of other family members or child protective services.

This is a developing story that you can count on NW Horse Report to keep you updated on.