Oregon Horse Center cancels next weeks AHBAO Spring Classic

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Eugene, Ore. – The Arabian Horse Breeders’ Association of Oregon was set to have it’s flagship spring event this coming week. However, a Friday Facebook posting, the Oregon Horse Center which was scheduled to hosts AHBAO’s Spring Classic, announced that the event had been cancelled “due to low numbers”.

OHC’s post further went on to say it was a “hard decision”, encouraging anyone with questions about entries to cancel OHC. The event was supposed to run April 21st through the 24th.

AHBAO’s President Cassondra Richard spoke to NW Horse Report, “There are potentially a lot of factors that influence [the lack of] entries. [The Arabian Horse Association] changed qualification rules, there is a concurrent show in Washington, [and] fuel is expensive.”

When asked about her organizations prospects for next year Richards said, “We plan to be back next year! Please don’t forget our halter futurity. Our show has been around over 70 years, we don’t plan to let it die now.”

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