Runaway horse dies after being hit by SUV

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Roseburg, Ore. – A horse reportedly escaped a pasture Saturday afternoon and ran onto a roadway in front of an oncoming vehicle, causing a crash that ultimately resulted in the horse’s death.

The incident happened just after 2pm in the afternoon on Saturday when three horses escaped their pasture near the 6800 block of Lookingglass Road.

When deputies arrived on scene they found the horse hit by the vehicle was a 5-year-old stallion. The Honda SUV that struck the horse was driven by Donna Morgan, 80, of Roseburg. Morgan was said to have had no time to react, according to a statement by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Morgan was said to have no received any injuries and declined any medical assistance on scene. The vehicle was later removed by Roseburg Towing after having been totaled.

The horse’s owner was notified and made arrangements for the removal of the deceased horse from the road.

Multiple stories by other media outlets were unclear if the horse was actually deceased or not. Patrol Sgt. Clayton Ruble with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office later confirmed to NW Horse Report that the horse was killed on scene.

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