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Staffer & partner of USHJA Trainer suspended by SafeSport, allegations of sexual misconduct with minor

Clackamas, Ore. – The US Center for SafeSport has issued a temporary suspension for an Oregon man from Clackamas County for “alleged misconduct”. The suspension also includes “no-contact” provisions. NW Horse Report uncovered allegations swirling among local equestrians and hunter jumper community that point to the suspension likely being connected to the alleged past sexual misconduct involving the man and a then minor.

Harrison Joseph Brown, 25, who was suspended by SafeSport on January 30th, worked for Quiet Rein Riding School, a hunter jumper lesson program owned by USHJA Certified trainer Jill McGrady, 44, which primarily serves young women. McGrady was reportedly dating Brown according to multiple sources.

It was also discovered that another Harrison Brown with a different middle name, who is the same age as Harrison Joseph Brown, also resides in the Clackamas County area. This Brown is unrelated to the Brown in this story.

NW Horse Report uncovered documents that confirmed that Brown has been working with McGrady and Quiet Rein, along with the owners of MadKat Equine who own the facility used by Quiet Rein Riding School. One of the documents confirmed that Brown was part of USEF and worked as a “show steward” for Quiet Rein’s annual USHJA Outreach Show Series.

Numerous social media posts further highlighted Brown’s involvement with MadKat Equine and Quiet Rein over the last several years.

Alleged victim is McGrady’s own daughter.

In a shocking discovery, the then minor was later identified by NW Horse Report as McGrady’s now apparently estranged daughter. The young woman respectfully directed NW Horse Report to her attorney Russ Prince when offered an opportunity to speak about Brown’s suspension and to directly confirm additional information.

Prince, who is a partner in Bryan & Prince, PA, is also the attorney representing Maggie Kehring, now 19, a woman at the center of the several felony criminal charges of sex abuse against disgraced Olympic equestrian Rich Fellers. Kehring was later covered in an exclusive story by Bloomberg News last year.

Kehring also endured significant criticism and often harsh attacks from staunch supporters of Fellers after she spoke out.

Prince did not respond to NW Horse Report prior to press time, but the attempt to contact was late on Friday outside the firms normal business hours. Although the woman is now an adult, due to the allegations involving her as a then minor, NW Horse Report will not be identifying the woman until she has had appropriate opportunity to provide a statement directly or through her attorney, should she desire.

Fellers, who is also from Clackamas County, was arrested in June of 2021 by the Tualatin Police Department who was also supported in it’s investigation by agents with the FBI. Fellers’ case is currently set for trial next month unless any more motions delay the trial that was originally set for October of last year.

After Fellers and his wife were originally suspended temporarily by the US Center for SafeSport, Fellers’ wife Shelly eventually received a formal suspension for four years for “abuse of process, retaliation, failure to report.” Then in 2022, Fellers’ son was also suspended by the US Center for SafeSport. Fellers’ son had also reportedly taken over the family business and changed it’s name from Rich Fellers Stables to Genesis Sporthorses.

McGrady & Quiet Rein provide limited response

McGrady spoke briefly to NW Horse Report on Thursday evening when reached for comment. When asked if Brown was still employed by her company she said “he is not”.

When asked for comment about Brown’s suspension, McGrady did not appear to want to provide any further comment, “You’re welcome to reach out to that family directly” she said, apparently referring to Brown.

When asked about her personal relationship with Brown, “I don’t think I’m comfortable talking to you.” McGrady said. She then refused to provide any further answers, saying she had to “sit down for dinner”, but would reach back out to answer more questions.

McGrady did not reach back over the following days. Follow-up attempts seeking comment from McGrady before press time were unsuccessful. McGrady had also made no mention that the alleged victim was her own daughter.

Jordan Graeme-Weingard, one of the owners of MadKat Equine, was reached late Friday for comment as well, but responded with “No comment” each time when asked; if Brown resided at the business property, the company’s relationship with Brown, and if they had any thoughts or comments about Brown’s suspension for the alleged misconduct.

After a reader disputed NW Horse Reports statement about the property ownership, county records have been obtained that list the owner of the property used by MadKat Equine and Quiet Rein as “Jordan Graeme”, confirming the accuracy of our original reporting.

McGrady and Quiet Rein are also scheduled to host their annual Outreach Show Series which kicks off on February 11th and 12th. Meg Dunne, a spokesperson for the Oregon Hunter Jumper Association confirmed to NW Horse Report that their Board of Directors had not yet approved the show, despite the company’s promotional saying it includes “OHJA Medal Classes”.

OHJA’s Show Chair Elise Conlee later provided further clarity in a last-minute email to NW Horse Report confirming that OHJA does not ‘approve’ or ‘sponsor’ shows, but that “OHJA tracks results for its members and their horses at OHJA Outreach-designated shows, and allows shows to run OHJA’s medals, upon submission of an application and payment of all applicable fees.”

Quiet Rein’s show also says it’s approved by the US Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA). Officials with the USHJA have not responded to multiple requests for comment to confirm their sanctioning of the show or on the suspension of Brown.

According to Quiet Rein’s website, it’s lesson program is one of only two USHJA Recognized Riding Academy Programs in the State of Oregon. Official’s with the USHJA have ignored repeated attempts seeking comment.

The Chronicle of the Horse also recently detailed that the former chair of the USHJA’s Diversity and Inclusion Advocacy Committee, David Loman, was issued a permanent suspension by Safesport.

In addition to the Fellers, as well as equestrian Jeff Campf who was also suspended by US SafeSport in late 2021, Brown is now the 5th Oregon equestrian suspended by the US Center for SafeSport in under two years. All five individuals are all from Clackamas County.

NW Horse Report has not yet confirmed the exact nature of the allegations and alleged sexual misconduct against Brown. When reached for comment, a spokesperson for SafeSport confirmed Brown’s suspension but declined to comment further.

When asked if McGrady herself was subject to any investigation by SafeSport, the agency only said “The Center does not comment on matters to protect the integrity of its investigative process.” replied the spokesperson.

Following numerous headlines of abuse in the 2010s, the US Center for SafeSport was created by Congress in 2017 to address issues of sexual abuse and other misconduct in Olympic sports and its amateur pipeline. This includes it’s established Minor Athlete Abuse & Prevention Policies (MAAPP).

Conlee, also told NW Horse Report that they fully support SafePort and its implementation by the USEF, and that OHJA is an affiliate of the USHJA. She also confirmed Brown has never been a member of OHJA.

“We not only encourage our membership to abide by the rules set by the USEF and the USHJA, we explicitly require that our members are in good standing with these organizations,” she said.

Attempts to reach Brown seeking comment and if he denies the allegations have been unsuccessful prior to press time. Contact information was not immediately available for Brown.

This is a developing story that you can count on NW Horse Report to keep you updated on.

The article was updated at 6:41pm on 2/4 to correct “OHJA Medal Classes” which originally said “OHJA Medical Classes”. Additional records were obtained that reaffirmed the accuracy of the original reporting by NW Horse Report as to the ownership of the business property after a reader claimed the reporting was inaccurate.

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